An Idea


A woman who takes care about a household is in Poland a commonly called a “kura domowa”. If one wants to draw a parallel one can call a man who does the same: “kur domowy”. The English words "housewife” or “homemaker” does not fully reflect Polish idioms, however the main idea of my project is to share my experience as a man whose main occupation is caring for the family, managing household affairs, and doing housework. Let me than call myself the Homemaker - at least until I find more suitable expression.

The idea of taking care of home lasts since forever. In the 21st century, the age of the new thinking, new technology and way of life, the man who does so as a full time job is still probably rare. So, the idea of the taking care of the fireside by a man is somehow an innovative way of thinking that breaks stereotypes and shows constant changes in society. Today, does not matter male or female, we all have equal opportunities in every area of life and activity, so looking after a home also should follow the same rules. Such a way of living in my case was a conscious decision, and this is just a one observation which I want to share with the world.

I hope that, I’ll manage to pass some on my experience, and the very idea of a homemaker will spread and take on a new dimension in the contemporary world, it becomes a kind of signum temporis of the 21st century. That is my dream.

The project is dedicated to my children, that I will always love.


My wife supports my work very much and without her devotion and financial support I wouldn’t be successful in my role.

I acknowledge this and  I appreciate the burden she bears in our life.





I have always dreamed to write a book . For a long time it seemed to be very difficult to realize. However, in the twenty-first century we have a great platform for communication and transmission of thoughts and ideas - the internet . Formerly man had to write the book , print , distribute among readers. Today one can do it, so to speak, in stages - through websites, instant messaging and blogs. Printed form is still great, but for the beginner, the Internet provides better opportunities of communication. So, I will use this opportunity to submit my ideas, thoughts and experiences to readers.

A few years ago, a global corporation introduced for their employees a program which activated men as fathers. The program envisaged the involvement of men in the role of the father for the benefit of the society. I'm very impressed with this company and their attitude (because the role of the father in the family should be meaningful) and then I came up with the idea to get more involved in this role.

Now, after several years of experience in the role the Homemaker, I appreciate the attitude of the company even more. I can also help other men to change their attitude and to start looking at this issue from a different angle.

For whom.

The idea of the homemaker is really addressed to both parents. However, I want to share my experience, knowledge and skills mainly with fathers who want to take on this role or who want to become more involved in family life while not giving up their careers.



A blog that I prepared is dedicated to small, daily routine which facilitates life, and the experience is to help you look at a lot of things in a different way .

I know that sometimes small, usual things can hamper a proactive attitude, so my advice shall make you enjoying the life disregarding those minor obstacles.



Up to 2006 I was as typical every male in his thirties.   That is I was working, I helped my wife at home with shopping, cleaning, childcare, which was actually nothing special.

The breaking point was in 2007- when I lost my job and to get  a new one I had to make a hard decision: either I leave the town  I was living in  with my family to search my luck somewhere else or I stay at home looking after our children while my wife will continue her career.

Accepting a role of a homemaker when your wife is going to be a breadwinner? One must say, its not the easy one especially for a man raised in traditional Polish family, in which those roles were completely opposite. Although this decision was dictated by many factors, the most important was the welfare of our children and providing them with total care and support   24 hours a day.

So here we are. 2015 - and eight years old practice in running the household… 

The man as the head of the family can and should take responsibility for their loved ones at the various levels of life. Homemaking is hard and demanding work, and children the most demanding employers. It does not bring measurable financial benefits, but shows a husband and a father in              a different role. One can tell that this is a different perspective on the man. I'd like to see this website as a source of inspiration and advice for families who want to adopt such a model of life. 

In the nearest future I will start a blog, where you can keep looking for support and ideas.

I wish every Father to experience so much joy, satisfaction and great moments, as I have been feeling, what will surely make him sure that he has taken the right decision.